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Our Services

True Paint Professionals

We have successfully assembled a team of talented and experienced painters who love showing up to work every day. VianiS is a true master of the paint industry and we proudly prove it consistently.

Residential Painting

When we work on a residential project we feel that we become a part of it. It’s a natural feeling since we are talking about a major transformation of your own personal living space. Changing the color layout of any home or room is always a huge decision and our goal is to remind you why you chose VianiS every time you lay eyes on your newly modified home.

Commercial Painting

Simply put, only high quality and eco-friendly paints will be used with highly trained professionals who take the utmost care to adhere to state safety and quality standards. We are also trained to work within your framework to accommodate other plans, trades, contractors, and schedules.

Color Consulting

Colors are wonderful, amazing, vibrant, inspiring, life changing and … never ending! Choosing the right color is almost as hard as choosing the right contractor. That’s why we offer expert advice with many years of experience educating everyday people about the wonders of colors. There is so much that color has to offer in our daily lives that it’s not easy to remember how every color reacts to each other let alone the vibes they give us. So when you find yourself frustrated which color to go with: “Twilight Blue” or “Royal Blue”, just remember we make it our business to know the difference.

Faux Painting

We are proud to offer true professional and artistic Faux Painting. Not only do we Faux Paint on a commercial level, we can’t stop home owners from requesting Faux for their own homes! It truly is remarkable the power that Faux Painting can add to a room.

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At VianiS we thrive on providing professional work done right the first time. Call 206-451-7349 to experience the difference!

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