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About Us

Who we are:

VianiS Paint and Remodel, LLC began as a home remodeling company with focus on finish work specifically painting. Our first projects ranged from full home remodels to specific kitchen/bathroom remodels. As our referrals grew we realized a high demand on our painting services.  We decided to focus our efforts on painting only but in order to be the best in our industry we needed to make some changes:

  1. Added one of Seattle’s most traveled color consultants to our growing team.
  2. Hired experienced master painters to further train our already experienced staff.
  3. Expanded our client base to include commercial projects.
  4. Ongoing Safety Training and Employee Review programs implemented to maintain our quality of service.
  5. Upgraded our sales and scheduling process to ensure all of our clients are front and center.
  6. Added an online client portal which allows us to upload proposals/invoices to view, request changes, download and even pay! No more multiple e-mails with multiple attachments or cluttered mess of papers.
  7. One of our newest additions: FAUX PAINTING. We are currently updating our website to show off our samples and include additional information.

VianiS Cares About Your Project!

There are many factors that are involved in ensuring a successful project and that is how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Every project is given the necessary attention it deserves, from project planning to applying the finishing touches. Most importantly we are here to satisfy our customers, and our goal is to keep you smiling until the very end. We offer many different ways of keeping you up to date with the status of a project, from SMS text messages, phone calls and/or e-mails staying up to date with VianiS will always be at your fingertips.


There are many requirements to be a part of the VianiS Team, we look for qualities that matches our daily vision of quality and efficiency. All of our team members are proud of the work they complete. With extensive experience and strong work ethic including an ongoing training program, you can rest assured that only the best will be provided. (To inquire about job opportunities, please e-mail resume to jobs@vianispaintandremodel.com)